Monday, November 06, 2006

Courteney Cox - Wallpapers x 5


Strangef8 said...

I love the papers, but I changed my resolution so unfortunately I can't use them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was going to say something similar. Your walls are beautifully done, your subjects are beyond gorgeous - but the resolution is way too low for most of us out here in the civilized world. Virtually no one I know has their resolution set any lower than 1284x1024 as many of today's monitors use this as their native resolution. Maybe a couple of links below each pic offering 1024x768 AND 1284x1024 - perhaps even a couple of test pics to see if there is any call for higher resolutions. Personally, I use 1600x1200 and enlarge the fonts somewhat. Your current pics look like postcards at that high of a resoltution. Thanks for your high-quality work, and I look forward to visiting your site again!